The Simple Pleasures of Motorcycling


In this world, there are many ways to get from A to B, transportation can be as dull or exciting as you want it to be. But there are few practical ways of travelling that deliver the satisfaction of motorcycling. It is both a lifestyle and an economic way to get around. Riding horses and sailing boats are also lifestyle’s, but they’re not so convenient for getting you downtown at rush hour. The people who discover motorcycling are from every walk of life, but they do share a type of camaraderie. There is something about riding instead of driving and being in the open air, that transports you into a separate reality. It is a disconnect from the mundane, and a taste of freedom in our overly regulated state.

  • Financially Accessible: One of the appeals of motorcycling is that is not an exclusive club for the rich. Nearly anyone can afford a motorcycle. Even the top models cost less than most cars, and beginner bikes from the dealer are very affordable, compared to what you can get with four wheels. There are even ways to finance, like Yamaha motor finance in Australia. And not only is it inexpensive to get into the hobby, maintenance and repairs are also relatively reasonable. Many things you can even do on your own.
  • Sense of Freedom: The sense of independence and freedom on a bike is undeniable. Somehow, the world changes when you get out on the road and you lean into your first turn Perhaps it is the full body experience of becoming one with the machine, in a way you cannot do with any other vehicle. The wind in your face, and the sounds of tarmac under your wheels, and all the space you have before all contribute to a series of existential experiences.
  • Community: When you ride, you do not ride alone. Riders have a sense of community. You see it in the eyes and knowing looks of others when you pull up to the lights. The motorcycle is like a club membership and an ice breaker too. It is not difficult to get someone to talk about their bikes. Motorcycling is a bond.

We can’t always ride our bikes, there are obviously times when you need more wheels, seats, and cargo capacity. But when you can, you should always try to get out on your bike and remember why it is you started riding. It’s good every time. It is the lifestyle that keeps on giving.