Leave All The Heavy Lifting To The Experts.


As a contractor, there are numerous situations in which heavy items have to be moved from one point to another on a building site. For major contracts like skyscrapers and large warehouses, the building materials involved including metal girders, can be quite significant. These are items that can’t be moved by sheer numbers of people and so it would be perfect if you as a contractor, had your own crane. However, a crane is a really expensive piece of machinery and unless you are using it every single day, there is no way that it will ever pay for itself.

Luckily for you, there are crane companies in Perth that are more than happy to rent one of their excellent cranes for the day or longer. The benefits of renting such a crane instead of buying one are numerous and we will try to cover just a couple of them here today.

* It saves you money – If you imagine the cost of buying even the smallest of cranes, you’re getting close to nearly half a million dollars or more and so unless this crane is working hard for you every single day for six days a week, then it is definitely not going to be cost effective to buy one. Renting on the other hand, allows you to be able to take on large contracts that will necessitate the use of a crane, but you will only have to pay the fees on a daily or weekly basis.

It saves you time – Having to manually move heavy machinery or building products around a large site would take up a lot of man hours that could otherwise be used constructively somewhere else. If you have a crane at your disposal, all of these things can be moved with ease. From moving vast pallets of building materials, to moving large pieces of mechanical equipment that are necessary for the building site, the crane is capable of all of these without any issues at all.

You need to remember that if you do purchase your own crane, then you’re going to have to pay for the regular maintenance and upkeep that such a large piece of equipment would require. When you hire the crane, none of this is your responsibility and if something goes wrong mechanically, your hire company will come onto the site and fix it or they will supply you with another crane.