Find Your Perfect Ride: Mazda CX 5 at Mazda Dealership Perth


The Mazda CX 5 is a well-liked subcompact sport utility vehicle (SUV) that combines sporting ability, fashionable appearance, and usefulness. It is well-known for having outstanding handling, a comfortable ride, and efficient fuel use.

If you want to purchase, lease, or maintain a Mazda vehicle in the Perth area, you should visit a Mazda dealership Perth. They provide a comprehensive selection of Mazda automobiles, in addition to various financing options and after-sale services that include maintenance and repairs.

Are you curious about the features of the Mazda CX 5 and what makes it stands out in the market? Keep reading!

Why Consider Buying a Mazda CX 5?

Mazda broke the norm by blazing its own trail, despite having origins in the centre of Japan’s most important industrial district. They developed a culture of creativity by trusting in themselves despite the difficulties they faced, and that culture is still thriving up to this day. Every Mazda product is the result of their insatiable drive to achieve excellence.

Moreover, if you have doubts about purchasing Mazda CX 5 Perth, worry not; this article will give you convincing reasons why this car is a great catch.

Mazda CX 5 Features and Performance

Here are this car’s compelling and excellent features that contribute to its superb performance.

1. Performance

Below are the factors that unleash the best performance of this Mazda car.

Unleash powerful performance with SKYACTIV-G 2.5 turbo.

The Mazda CX-5 Turbo demolishes the misconception that crossover is only suitable for timid drivers. With this car, you can experience the thrill of having unbridled power at your disposal all at once.

Additionally, every drive will provide you with unrivalled delight and instant fulfilment thanks to the 253 horsepower and 434 Newton meters of torque at your command.

Embrace serenity on the road for a more natural drive.

Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, which the Mazda3 inspired, combines changes to the seats, body, and damper features of the new Mazda CX-5 to deliver a more relaxing and refreshing drive.

Moreover, the body frame has been strengthened and coupled with chairs from Human Centric that encourage stability and a healthy sitting posture. The suspension spring and absorber tuning have also been updated, reducing tiredness and motion sickness.

Furthermore, you will reach your destination in the same good and comfortable condition you had at the beginning of your journey.

Elevate your driving experience with new levels of refinement.

Effortless driving that’s what you desire, and the new Mazda CX-5 delivers this. The new car model reduces road noise and cabin suspension resonance, making every ride more enjoyable and relaxing for you and your passengers.

2. Design

Here are the following spectacular and notable features of this car that incredibly suites your style and taste.

Embrace KODO’s captivating design.

The Mazda CX-5 is the first vehicle to bring the KODO design philosophy to the mass market. Its development into maturity over the years has resulted in an expressive representation of beauty and vigour that is most seen in the CX-5.

Discover richness in every detail.

The rich interiors of the new Mazda CX-5 are designed to express your sense of elegance, sophistication, and relaxation by being adorned with high-quality materials and constructed to an exceptionally high standard.

Moreover, you can expect a very luxurious driving area from an authentic premium crossover vehicle, and this one has seats upholstered in Deep Red Nappa Leather, surfaces that are pleasant to the touch, controls that are pleasurable, an exquisite headliner, and excellent metallic accents.

Customised perfection at your command.

The Mazda Connect infotainment system is your passport to a world of high-calibre entertainment and seamless connection to the outside world. Mazda Connect allows you to access the important functions of your phone while keeping your eyes on the road in front of you by utilising an ergonomically designed Command Controller Knob to move through the system’s various menus and selections.

3. Technology

Aside from its excellent performance and stylish design, Mazda is all known for its updated technology.

Stay connected with ease.

Your access to a wide variety of high-quality entertainment options as well as connectivity to the rest of the world is provided by Mazda Connect. The infotainment system in the 2017 Mazda CX-5 has been upgraded to include Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay.

In addition, it now has the capability to charge your mobile phone wirelessly, allowing you to kick back, relax, and easily access the main features of your mobile device while keeping your eyes on the road in front of you.

Accurate visual information.

Active Driving Display technology debuted on the Mazda CX-5, making it the first vehicle of its kind to offer it. The floating display of speed and other driving parameters may be leveled with a driver’s line of sight, making it an essential tool for gaining access to information while driving. Every time you get behind the wheel, you will be more aware of your surroundings and safer if you spend more time looking ahead.

They enhanced clarity and precision.

The new Mazda CX-5 successfully combines a fashionable exterior with a practical interior. In addition to the brand new Quad LED Daytime Running Lights, the revamped headlights now house the vehicle’s Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS).

Furthermore,  drives can be made safer by dispersing light into areas with bends and turns. Simply one of the many ways Mazda enhances the driving experience for everyone.

4. Safety

Mazda offers a lot of benefits to anyone who buys it, but nothing tops the safety measures this car provides.

Be aware of your environment.

Safe, worry-free driving requires situational awareness. Before changing lanes, Mazda CX-5 Blind Spot Monitoring alerts you to incoming vehicles, and you can reverse safely with its Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

They prioritise safety for the little ones.

ISOFIX baby seat tethering is standard on Mazda Skyactiv models, including the CX-5. It enables installing compatible seats to safeguard the kids in every car easily.

Prepare your bags for a weekend getaway.

The CX-5 comes standard with a cargo floorboard that can be folded in either direction, allowing you to transport everything you require.

Moreover, it is specifically crafted to safeguard your priceless caro, with a waterproof coating that makes it simple and easy to wipe up any messes that may occur.


The SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Turbo engine in the Mazda CX 5 makes driving easier and smoother. With a focus on safety for all passengers and a roomy interior for kids, it’s a great car for weekend trips and family activities.

Moreover, don’t miss the chance to try the Mazda CX-5 for yourself. Visit the Mazda dealership Perth today for a thrilling test drive and find out why it’s the best choice for your driving needs.

Furthermore, the Mazda CX-5 is the best in style, speed, and safety. It will take your driving experience to the next level.