5 Great Car Detailing Supplies You’ll Want To Have At Home


Car detailing is an essential process that every car owner should perform as often as possible to keep their car neat and clean. But to make the process more seamless and faster, there are certain supplies that you must have. Don’t know where to start? You can start by buying detailing supplies from top brands like Nexgen.

Here are some of the top car detailing supplies all car owners should have at home.

1.   Car Soap

One of the essential car exterior detailing products that you must have is a good car soap. Many people make the mistake of washing their cars with harsh detergents or dish soap. This is a mistake that can be costly in the long run. That’s because it can damage the car’s paint. So it’s good to invest in a quality car shampoo that is powerful enough when it comes to getting rid of dirt, dust, and grime, but mild enough on the paint.  What’s more, it will keep your car smelling fresh and clean as well.

2.   Microfiber Towels

As a car detailer, you must have a few microfiber towels at home for detailing your car. Microfiber material is ideal as it absorbs water up to seven times more than ordinary materials. High quality microfiber towels  are safe to use on all surfaces, including a car’s paint. You can use these towels to clean the interior and exterior of your car, glass, and windows.

3.  A Hose With a High-Pressure Nozzle

If you have decided that you will be detailing your car yourself, then you can as well clean the tires and wheels. This is where a hose with high pressure becomes essential. This machine can help you get rid of caked mud, grime, and dirt without using too much effort. It will leave your tires looking sparkling clean.

4.  Scratch And Swirl Remover

It is no secret that scratches and swirl marks on your car can make it look raggedy and beat-up. Fortunately, you can use a scratch and swirl remover to get rid of the scratches and swirl marks. It works with all types of paint and leaves no residue behind. What’s more, it can be easily applied with a microfiber applicator or pad.

5.  Ceramic Spray

Nowadays, most cars come with a clear coat to protect the paint beneath and to give them that shiny appearance. So you might be wondering why you should use a ceramic spray coating. Well, a ceramic coating can further protect your vehicle from temperature fluctuations, time passage, and environmental factors, such as flower pollens, bird droppings, etc. Moreover, a ceramic coating can give your car that new shiny appearance that everybody will admire.

Final Thoughts

If you want to detail your car properly and leave it sparkling clean and give it a new look, the detailing supplies mentioned above are a must-have. What’s more, they are not expensive, so you don’t have to worry about digging deeper into your pocket.